85DT Diesel Hob
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This flat design stove has been constructed from flat aluminium profiles which protrudes  just 2 mm above the surface of the table. A red light warns if the stove is hot.

The Safeflame 85DT is a flush mounted hob that offers subtle styling that will blend in to most galleys. This hob is operated with a touch button control panel. These controls can be mounted remotely out of the reach of children. The fuel needed for this hob can be taken from the main tank. The Wallas diesel hobs are inherently safe because the flame is totally room sealed and exhausts overboard through a 28mm exhaust. . The fuel consumption is so low that a 5litre tank is enough for up to 50 hours of cooking.

Note: Pot holders and Blower lid are optional extras.

  • Fuel:     Diesel
  • Power:     900-1900W
  • Operating voltage:     12V
  • Fuel consumption:     0,09-0,19 l/h
  • Electricity consumption:     0,19A
  • Accessories:     Heat blower lid (+0,4A) Pot holders (ArtNo 1110)   

What size of fuel pipe does it need?

You need 5 mm copper pipe (KMW300692) that comes in a 4m length for inland waterways compliance. This can be up to 8m in total. You should also use a inline fuel filter (KMW30016). If you are installing into a sea going vessel then you can use the standard plastic fitting kit (KMW300691) which can connect directly to one of our 5 or 10 litre tanks.

Do i need a magnetic shut off valve?

Only if the level of the fuel tank when full is higher than the hob OR if there is a risk of it gravity feeding. The code is KMW30012)

I am having the diesel oven as well, do i need 2 magnetic shut off valves?

No, you would use a relay set KMW602659 in conjunction with the magnetic valve.

What about the fumes - would i be able to smell diesel?

No, the units are sealed. The exhaust gasses are taken out to atmosphere via the exhaust tube(KMW1028) to either a hull (KMW1066 or KMW5100) or deck fitting(KMW2466) so no fumes are inside the galley area.

Whats the maximum length of exhaust i can use?

4 metres - on long lengths we would recommend that you use a drainage lock (KMW602293) to prevent moisture running back along the pipes whilst cooling. This devise would allow the cooled vapour to naturally vent away.

Does it come with pot holders?

No, as not every installation requires them they need to be ordered - KMW 1110. They are simple to fit.

Control panel

The new control panel is standard on t-models and includes for example following functions:

  • smooth PI-controlled thermostat adjustment when the heat blower lid is used
  • manual adjusting
  • protection of accidental start and stop

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