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Wallas 800D due for release in 2017


Wallas 800D due for release in 2017

In 2017 Wallas are due to release a brand new product into the market. Named the Wallas 800D, this ceramic hob is diesel-powered and set to be a replacement or alternative to the paraffin 800t.

With the benefit of being a single fuel line (no return line required), it can be fed directly from your boat’s main fuel tank.

It is to be a faster start-up time than the other Wallas diesel hobs and also lower power (0.7A max). The exhaust will be a balanced flue system which has benefits over the other models also.

With the release dates from Wallas being predicted for spring 2017 we are sure this will be a winning product to be installed into the smaller boats as an alternative to gas/spirit stoves.

Prices are expected to be just short of the £800.00 (ex vat) mark but we will update you on this nearer the time.

If you would like to be notified and receive more information when we have it, then please drop us an email.

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