Whats in your batteries?

volt ammeter for batteries

Whats in your batteries?

Do you know how many volts your battery has?

Do you want to know what your small solar panel is producing?

A great, low cost, a compact unit such as this will take out all the guesswork.

It is supplied complete with a bezel mounting plate. Battery voltage (3-32v) is clearly displayed and you can hook it up to a small solar panel (10A max) to also show how many amps are being produced.

One great application we use these for is with the Wallas xc duo hob/heaters. Having a good 12v supply is always required to start the hobs & heaters and as many are topping up their domestic battery from solar it gives them an instant readout of the battery status.

These can also be mounted with the dual port USB sockets to complete a neat installation in a compact space.

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