Green boost heater – New for Spring 2017

green boost heater

Green boost heater – New for Spring 2017

Wallas look set to release a new range of heaters later this year.

Named the “GB” – green boost, they are pushing to become even more environmentally.

  • New heater for environmentally aware consumers
  • Extremely long life and 100% recycled material housing and burner construction
  • 95% of construction material can be recycled
  • A burner designed for environmentally friendly 100% HVO and FAME mixed biodiesels, can be used also with marine and automotive diesel fuels
  • Updated burning program for best efficiency for different biofuel mix.
  • 3,0kw net output
  • Strong air volume with brushless motors
  • Ultra-Low Emissions
  • Available in Spring 2017

More details will be available soon.

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