Solar panels for boats, caravans and horseboxes

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Solar panels for boats, caravans, and horseboxes

It really is time to start thinking about solar. With the clocks changing on March 26th (moving forward 1 hr) and the daylight hours increasing, now is certainly the time to think about solar.

If you are just looking to keep a battery maintained or to harness lots of power throughout each day with a large solar array then we have solutions for all.

One of our popular “starter” size kits is the 20w semiflexible solar panel. This can be bonded to the roof of the boat/vehicle or attached by drilling through the pre-marked areas on the panel edges and screwing it down. They can take a reasonable curve/bend. The panels also benefit from what the manufacturer calls a Self-healing top surface. The ETFE top layer gives the PV Logic Flexi extra resilience in really tough conditions. ETFE has a memory effect or self-healing capacity in the event the panel comes into contact with branches etc, thus ensuring any slight abrasions are ‘healed’ within a few hours. The Flexi range can even be walked on with soft deck shoes! During production, the ETFE is dimpled to further protect the panel and provide an anti-slip surface, particularly useful if the panel is fitted to a boat deck. Each panel is assembled to ensure complete encapsulation. This ensures the 6 layer heavy duty laminate protects the solar cell circuit from extreme conditions. The junction box is also injected with special silicon, guaranteeing no water ingress. There is ample cable already attached to the panel (4m) which needs to be connected to the solar regulator (10A). You would then need to connect some cables (not supplied) back to the battery ensuring that you also fit an inline fuse to protect the cabling. The regulator is actually a dual output which means that you can effectively charge your domestic and starter battery to keep them topped up.

The Flexi range of Solar panels for boats is setting new standards with a 2-year product and a 20-year performance warranty*.  *Cell performance warranty states that at 20 years the cell output will be no less than 80% of new performance values – i.e the cell degradation rate will be no greater than 20% in 20 years

For much larger Solar panels for boats systems, we would advise an MPPT to ensure you maximize the charge/power available. See the range of flexible solar panels on our site.


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