Wallas cabin heaters

wallas 26cc - Wallas cabin heaters

Wallas cabin heaters

A little known product with great potential…The Wallas Cabin Heaters have been produced in Finland for over 20 years.

Heating the log cabins of which there are many have been performed by the Wallas 26cc or the 40cc. They require only a small amount of power and use very little diesel. They take their combustion air from outside of the cabin and also exhaust externally by a very neat system. This ensures that the cabin remains dry and moisture-free. The 2 models produce up to 2.6kW or 4kW respectively.

Dry heat keeps your windows clear

  •  In addition to clear windows, dry heat keeps your linen dry.
  • All burning processes create moisture (water) as a result of the chemical reaction. In the case of Wallas, all moisture is directed out of the room, as the whole process is totally closed. That’s why the Wallas heat is dry.


  • With the average consumption (2.25 dl/hour) of Wallas 26 CC, a 30 litre fuel tank will heat your cottage for almost 6 days.
  • For that same time period, the power consumption (0.3 amps/hour) is only approx. 43 amps.

With more log cabins being built in the UK for use as home offices, holiday cottages or general living accommodation it’s important to maintain it effectively and be warm and comfortable. You can also remotely monitor and control the heater via your phone or tablet.

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