Serious diesel boat heating

kabola kb - Serious diesel boat heating

Serious diesel boat heating

The KB Ecoline uses Blue Efficiency® technology (blue-flame technology) and has a very high core temperature of at least 1450oC. In comparison, yellow-flame burners produce temperatures of around 800oC.

The optimised design of the boilers in the KB series enables exhaust-gas temperatures of under 220oC, much less than yellow-flame burners. The high efficiency ensures optimal heat utilisation.

The KB Ecoline is 100% soot-free thanks to the complete combustion achieved by the blue-flame technology. In addition, usage is permitted in boat houses, ‘clean’ cities and harbours (no restrictions in environmental zones!) Lower maintenance costs as the boiler remains clean inside. The components are also easy to replace.

Thanks to the sustainable Blue Efficiency® technology in combination with the fully soot-free combustion, the KB Ecoline achieves continual efficiency of 94%, which permanently guarantees the efficiency of the boiler. As a result, it uses less fuel. The KB Ecoline saves you between 200 and 500 litres of diesel oil per year.

The Kabola KB Ecoline Series Specifications:-
Capacity 8-38kW
Available as Standard, Calorifier or Combi versions

Typically our KB Heater kits include:-

· 2m x 51mm Stainless Steel exhaust tube (80mm on KB50 & KB75)

· 1 x 50mm Stainless Steel exhaust side outlet (80mm on KB50 & KB75)

· 1 x 80/50 Stainless Steel condensation trap

· 3 x Exhaust clamps

· 1 x External air intake

· 2m x Air tube

· 1 x 12 Litre expansion tank (18 Litre on KB50 & KB75)

· 1 x Fixing bracket for an expansion tank

· 1 x Timer (7 Day)

· 1 x Circulation Pump

· 1 x Oil filter

· 1 x Room thermostat

· 1 x Cylinder Thermostat (with Calorifier control versions only)

Please note: All KB series boilers require commissioning to conform to warranty conditions.

You can download the full installation manual from our website >> and check out the prices. If you would like to discuss the options for diesel boat heating then please call us on 01663 734800.


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