Paraffin Boat Heating – Wallas 1300

wallas 1300 heater

Paraffin Boat Heating – Wallas 1300

The Wallas 1300 is an ideal paraffin boat heating option is an ideal choice to heat one roomy cabin or cockpit.

It’s a very compact heater and has everything you need in one body: fuel pump, control switch, and warm air grill. The heater is thus extremely easy to install.

Thanks to the laminar burn process the sound level is very low. Unlike turbine heaters that emit a very loud roaring or “jet engine” sound, our laminar combustion process is virtually silent, requiring no exhaust sound attenuation. In addition to silent operation, our combustion process is also a very clean paraffin boat heating process. By maintaining the perfect burner balance, meaning that the mix of oxygen, fuel, and temperature is correct, the process is very clean. A Wallas product will burn clean at all power settings, not requiring high power run periods to clean itself. The Wallas 1300 is a compact free-blowing (non-ducted) forced warm air cabin heater with a built-in fan for distribution of the heat in the room in which the heater is mounted. The warm air outlet grill can be freely turned to the desired direction.

  • Dry heat
  • Low power consumption – just 0.4A! That’s 100 hours with a regular 60 Ah battery.
  • Fuel consumption only 0.13 l/h
  • Power 12V


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The vaporizing type paraffin burner ignites automatically with a glow coil element when the heater is switched on. All functions are
electronically controlled. The combustion air fan speed and the fuel pump rate are fully stabilized against battery voltage
changes to ensure clean burning even with varying battery voltages. The built-in self-priming and dosing electromagnetic fuel pump developed by Wallas sucks up the fuel from a separate fuel tank below the heater. The unburned excess fuel flows back to the tank by gravity.

The closable exhaust head is designed for balanced draught which makes the combustion wind insensitive for wind pressure changes. The combustion is closed and totally separated from the warm air circulation.
A built-in overheating thermostat switches off the fuel pump in case of overheating and an aftercooling thermostat keeps the combustion fan running after switching off the heater until the heater is cooled.

The on-off switch and the combustion indication lamp are located at the end of the heater.

The 1300 paraffin boat heating unit can be mounted alternatively hanging from its exhaust head on the deck or on the bulkhead with the mounting fitting nr 1303, which fits for both types of mounting.
The heater should be located so that the outflow of the warm air is not hindered but good warm air circulation is generated.
As this heater is of recirculating type good ventilation of the heated cabin is necessary. For this, a fresh air intake vent located as low as possible and an outlet vent located as high as possible is required.

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