Combined Diesel Hob and Heater – safe cooking & heating onboard

wallas 85ndt Combined Diesel Hob and Heater

Combined Diesel Hob and Heater – safe cooking & heating onboard

The WALLAS 85NDT is a simple cooking and heating solution, designed for marine/boat use.

This single Combined Diesel Hob and Heater appliance provides a ceramic cooking hob and efficient heater operating on diesel fuel from the boat’s own tank. Just press the button to start the cooker! It could not be easier.

So what’s so special about using diesel rather than gas?
Well, the first aspect is safety. Gas is a notorious risk on a boat and as anybody who has been present whilst having a Boat Safety Check knows, it takes up the majority of the examiners time to check the installation for leaks and other safety-related issues. Moisture/condensation is also an after effect or by-product from running a gas cooker/heater onboard and on a small boat, this can turn into a vicious circle if you are unaware of the facts. We often hear of people running gas ovens with the oven door open to warm the boat, maybe they would re-think after reading this. With the Wallas it’s kind of the opposite, the unit draws air (damp) from within its own surroundings, and having gone through the combustion process it actually takes the air (moisture) outside of the boat. What’s left behind though is the all-important heat – which is dry heat – ideal for your boat!

Although the burner sits on the left-hand side of the hob just under the ceramic surface,  the whole area of the ceramic can be utilised to cook on in a similar way to the renowned Aga. So pots and pans can be shuffled across the surface as required. It’s important to note the type of pans that are quite simply “flat bottomed”, which basically means that there is a surface to surface contact from the ceramic to the pan to transfer the heat swiftly. The cooker has controllable heat settings, which you can easily adjust with a temperature output between a minimum of 0.9kW to a max of 1.9kW. The ceramic glass top is also easy to clean and is quiet in operation.

As a diesel boat heater, it has a high-temperature heating capacity – up to 1.9kW. You use the same control button for the hob to also thermostatically control the heater to your desired temperature. Even with the upper surface of the lid in its closed position, it is only warm to the touch. Additionally, this prevents hands from touching the hot surface and also protects the ceramic top from falling objects. Perfect for a small marine environment. The boat heater is very quiet when running, so a good night’s sleep can be had by all.

Combined Diesel Hob and Heater Specifications
It’s economical to run, using just 0.09 – 0.19 litres per hour. It does use a 12v power supply but again whilst it’s running it is only using 0.23A. The fuel is supplied from your boat’s main diesel tank or from a separate 5ltr or 10ltr tank if you prefer. The maximum length of the exhaust tube is 4m.

More details
If you would like more details on the Wallas 85NDT Combined Diesel Hob and Heater then you can visit our website, where you check out the prices and downloads available or give us a call on 01663 734800 or send an email to sales@kuranda.co.uk where we will help you understand more about the options of fitting a Wallas to your boat.