Boat Diesel Heating – stay warm this winter and future winters.

boat diesel heating

Boat Diesel Heating

Wallas has recently introduced a couple of new Boat Diesel Heating options to their range called the Green Boost (GB). The 2.5kW and 3.2kW models are a replacement to the earlier range called the DT which were 2kW and 3kW respectively.

The outside dimensions and the connectivity are exactly the same so you may wonder “What’s New”?

Well, the clue is in 2 parts, “Green” firstly is the fact that this heater has been designed to work with not only the current road/boat diesel but also the future renewable HVO & bio-based FAME fuels. With its new laminar flow burner and new software, the new burner has ultra-low emissions, including very low CO2 and NOx levels. This has also led to an increase in heat output by approx 10% making the 22GB now 2.5kW and the 30GB 3.2kW at maximum output.

wallas 30GB Diesel HeaterThe second part is the “Boost” – New, more powerful brushless blower motors give higher efficiency to the heater and better moisture management, important for wet conditions. Improving on the features of the 30Dt, the new 30GB moves more air (12.5% more than the DT range), improving ventilation and fresh air flow. So the new 30GB offers increased heating power and more air volume for boat owners. More heating power means you can heat up your boat faster, saving power and fuel with shorter heating time.

Construction features more renewable and recycled materials while improving durability and reliability, featuring stainless steel, high-grade aluminum, and other corrosion-resistant materials. Wallas-Marin assures you will have the best marine diesel heater for your needs, now and in the future. See more options for Boat Diesel Heating>>