What’s in your tank?

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What’s in your tank?

Knowing your tank levels in a boat is always a level of guesswork but it needn’t be.
This range has been designed to cater for those boats that are designed to go to sea or on the inland waterways.Fuel Gauge and Sender

This water level sensor is designed to fit into the water piping between the tank and the pump. It will measure the depth of fluid above the sensor so it should be approximately at the same level as the bottom of the tank although the orientation is unimportant. It can also be fitted in balance pipes or can be fitted to a straight coupler in place of the “T” as an end stop to a pipe stub, 15mm (standard) or 22mm (special order) are options. These units are normally calibrated by the customer after the tank has been filled but can be pre-calibrated to special order. We would recommend that an isolation valve is fitted between the tank and the unit.

The heart of the range of Tank Level Gauges is a stainless steel industrial grade pressure transducer. The stainless steel diaphragm ensures that no fluids come into contact with the sensing element ensuring maximum reliability. This transducer is packaged in various forms of housing, such as the image here, making sure that there is a system to suit your simarineapplication.
The result of the measurement of the fluid level is, first of all, averaged over a period of time, and then displayed on the illuminated graphics gauge or they can work in conjunction with the Simarine Battery Monitor with integrated tank level module as shown above.

There are other sensors in the range that can monitor your diesel tanks and waste tanks. Take a look at the options on our website.