New Wallas Viking Air Heater – Warm & Cosy 3kW

wallas viking air heater

Wallas Viking Air HeaterVIKING AIR

This new Viking Air diesel boat heater has the same physical size as the popular Dt and GB series of Wallas heaters but has the advantage of the new future proof PCB and an advanced control panel.

Operational power is just 0.5 – 2A making this an exceptionally low battery-powered unit but still able to provide an incredible 3kW of dry blown air heat! Making your boat cosy and dry. What’s more, it only uses 0.1 – 0.3 litres per hour – extremely efficient all round.

You can mount the Wallas Viking Air  Heater on the floor/shelf or on the wall via the mounting brackets provided. As it has a very low surface temperature on the heater itself and the exhaust you can be sure of a safe installation. As with the GB range (Greenboost), you can be sure of an efficient and clean-burning diesel heater that has optimal performance together with RPM controlled fans.

The new advanced control panel has Wireless/WiFi connectivity meaning that this diesel-fired heater can be started and monitored remotely via a smartphone. This also means that program updates for future improvements and upgrades will then also be possible remotely. The digital graphical user interface will display the status as well as alerts together with the standard controllability.

There is also an option to link in a detachable Wireless thermostat beacon to ensure that you have an even temperature within the boat.

If you would like us to price you for the Wallas Viking Air heater and associated parts to form a kit then please call us on 01663 734800 (or email) and we will prepare you a comprehensive quote.