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Kalori Heater Matrix – It’s all hot air

kalori heater matrix

Kalori Heater Matrix

So what exactly is a Kalori heater matrix?Kalori Silencio 2

It’s a simple yet clever device in which you pass hot water through a heat exchanger and with a fan at the rear it will push out warm air from the front. In simple terms, it is a heater the same as you have in your car.

The sizes/outputs range from a 1.7kW up to an impressive 10kW and there are options to duct the heat to various areas such as the wheelhouse to use as a demister or many other areas terminating at an adjustable grill. Being very compact and versatile these can be a simple addition to an existing heating system (if you have capacity) or more complex on a new system.

Kalori Kool ED6

Please visit our Kalori Matrix section of our website where you will see the most popular heating matrix heaters (12V & 24V). There is also a section for the Kalori Matrix Accessories. Here you will find all of the hoses, grill outlets and adaptors to get the heat from A to B.

Kalori matrix heaters

Prices start from only £84.85 ex vat and we are always happy to discuss the system options available to you, just call us – Tel: 01663 734800.


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