Wallas 85DT Diesel Hob – Cooking Done Safely

Wallas 85DT Diesel Hob

Wallas 85DT Diesel Hob

Imagine cooking on a boat using an alternative to gas (or electric). You would have no moisture issues, none of the dangers of gas and therefore a much safer/dryer boat. Installing a Wallas 85DT diesel hob will give you all of those benefits and more.

Using diesel from your main fuel tank or an optional separate tank you can cook similar to how you would at home on your electric hob but without the heavy power drain on your batteries or the need to have a huge battery bank!

The Wallas 85 DT diesel hob is also extremely safe as there is no open flame as it is sealed combustion, which means it doesn’t add condensation or poisonous gasses into your boat, unlike gas hobs which contribute to the moisture content on-board not to mention the safety concerns.

There is also an option for either a single (Wallas 800D) or twin hob (Wallas 85DT Diesel Hob) depending on your space on board and both of these have the option for a Blower heater to be added to give you 1.4kW up to 1.9kW of blown air heat which makes this a fantastic option on some of the smaller boats.

If you are a liveaboard then there is also a combined hob and oven unit (87D) of which the oven is fan assisted. Or there are further choices to have separate units (such as the Wallas 88DU & 86D) which can give more flexibility in your galley design.

We are always happy to discuss your potential installation so do call us on 01663 734800. There is also plenty of information on our website about the Wallas diesel range of cooking (and heating) products together with installation documents.

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