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Wallas Spartan Boat Heater 4.5kW with Advanced Control

Wallas Spartan Boat Heater

Wallas Spartan Boat Heater - Diesel Fired

Since the launch of this long-awaited nearly a year ago we have been hugely impressed with the performance and output. It was the replacement heater for the older 40dt-heater produced by Wallas several years ago.

The Wallas Spartan boat heater, which can be either floor mounted or bulkhead mounted with the heavy-duty bracket that is included is a very robust piece of equipment. Whilst it has very low surface temperatures on the body of the unit and exhaust pipe making it extra safe, it produces a very impressive 4.5kW of heat from the outlet vents directing the heat to just where you need it in the boat.

This latest 12v model has the advantage of only requiring a low voltage startup requirement of just 9.6v and has the latest of their Greenboost burner for more efficient and clean-burning using just 0.16 – 0.46 litres/hour. The fans are RPM controlled fans for optimal performance and the unit has a new PCB and advanced control panel. It has Intelligent temperature control for optimizing heating and fresh air also.

spartan twin air diesel heater

The Spartans New advanced control panel has been designed to be smart, stylish and user friendly and has Bluetooth / WIFI connection – this makes it simple for program updates & has a future option for revolutionary program changes. There is also the option for a detachable Bluetooth thermostat beacon (see videos below) so your heater can ensure you get the heat-sensing correct in the boat. The Intelligent temperature control for cold nights and hot days makes this a perfect choice for all. The Advanced control panel lets you control the heater locally with your mobile phone or remotely from your home sofa.

There is also a New App for the Wallas Spartan Twin Air that is available from the app store or on Google play. It gives you control of your wallas from anywhere of your boat. You can also see the usage hours and the number of completed starts. Also, you will get service reminders and have the option to troubleshoot easier with intuitive troubleshoot helper should you need it.

advanced control panel
wallas app

2+1 year warranty for all Wallas products. Register your unit here and get 3rd year of warranty.


For more information or prices please contact us on 01663 734800.

If you would like to visit us to see/test/hear the Wallas Spartan Boat Heater at our premises then why not book an appointment. We can go through all of your installation requirements including the power, fuel, exhaust and air ducting parts needed.

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