Kabola KB Ecoline HYBRID

Kabola KB Ecoline HYBRID

Kabola KB Ecoline HYBRID

The Kabola KB Ecoline HYBRID is a series of fully automatic, soot-free oil-fired boilers for boats of 8- 38 kW. The Kabola KB-Series Ecoline HYBRID boilers have the same specs as the regular KB series, only this one works fully automatically with an internal electrical element.

Kabola KB-Series Ecoline HYBRID

The boat heating system is programmed to save maximum fuel. For example, it can keep the boat frost-free just by electric only. It has a fast warm-up time due to collaboration (diesel and electric). Reduced CO2 emissions and thanks to the highly efficient blue burner technology there are no soot emissions, less fuel consumption, and lower power consumption.

Kabola together with Scheer (the burner manufacturer) produced an interesting comparisson between the standard HR range of boilers against the more efficient KB Series. The results are shown in the graph proving that over a couple of years the KB boiler will start to save you money in diesel costs – especially on the larger kW boilers.

Why choose the Kabola KB Ecoline HYBRID boat heating system

 – Oil and electricity powered

 – Fully automatic or manual control

 – Low co2 emission Up to 30% less energy consumption

 – Up to 15% fuel savings

 – 94% efficiency

 – 100% soot-free

 – Environmentally friendly

 – Earn back your investment in 3 years!

 – TÜV certification

The Kabola KB Ecoline HYBRID boat heating system can be connected to central heating, hot air, underfloor heating, and even an air conditioning system. Thanks to the soot-free operation, the system is maintenance-friendly.

Kabola is the market leader in diesel-fired boilers for continuous use, through innovative designs and techniques. They have won various international awards with the most environmentally friendly diesel-fired central heating systems and have seen great success with the already popular KB-Series range of boilers.

Boat Heating System

Kabola Heating Systems has been a household name in the shipping industry for more than half a century. With heating systems developed in-house, Kabola stands for high quality and durability. In addition, efficient production planning and adequate inventory management ensure fast delivery time, usually from stock. A continuous process of development and improvement of our products guarantees high-quality. Sustainability and comfort are the spearheads of Kabola.

For more information or to see/feel the advantages of the Kabola KB Ecoline HYBRID then why not visit us to discuss further. We can show you how this is providing the heating and hot water for our offices here at Kuranda.

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