Why choose a Wallas Diesel Heater?

wallas diesel heater for boats

Why choose a Wallas Diesel Heater?

Brief History of Wallas Marin:
A clean environment has been base for Wallas since one of the greatest innovators in Finnish history and sailing enthusiastic Jorma Wallasvaara (1929-2006) decided to make the first reliable, silent, and low emission heater for his own boat. After founding Wallas-Marin way back in 1972 he stated: “If a company does not have sustainable products and production there is no place to enjoy nature in the future.”

Wallas products are designed for long-life use and even now we get spare part request’s from customers whose unit is from the 70s to 90s. This proves the longevity and the high quality comes from a top-class production facility in Kaarina, Finland.

Today, Wallas is lead by the CEO Jussi Oksanen and is known as a company that makes one of the greenest and most reliable marine & mobile diesel heaters and stoves in the world.

Green Energy:
Wallas always chooses the best materials and components for its diesel heating and cooking products. The main material used for Wallas diesel heaters & cookers is stainless steel and sea grade aluminum, which are both well recyclable. In the manufacturing of the heaters, they will try to reduce and reuse in every opportunity with all parts when it is possible without compromising the quality and durability of our products. Wallas GreenBoost models (22GB & 30GB) boasts it as an incredible 95% recyclable. Reducing the negative impact of material is one of the best ways to save the environment says Wallas.

Burner Technology:
An impressive factor of the Wallas brand that is key, is that the burning technology is not just quiet but also very clean. There is also no moisture given off (in the burn process) that is going into the boat (or campervan) whereas typically, a 2kw propane stove or heater will produce over 10l of water (moisture) in 24h. Remember, with a Wallas, you get zero.

The laminar burning system heats with very low emissions and with that, you can use 100% renewable types of diesel. The Wallas range which includes the new Spartan and Viking is designed to work with high blend bio-/traditional types of diesel mix and to meet European Union renewable fuel recommendations for diesel use in 2050.

Another plus point is the low surface temperatures of the Wallas diesel heaters and the exhaust pipes. Most of the competitors have over 200 Celcius of heat temperatures in their exhaust pipes – so a lot of wasted heat. Wallas diesel heaters typically only produce 120 Celcius and the exhaust pipe can be kept short so you can utilise the heat within the boat.

22GB & 30GB - unboxing the Wallas Diesel Heater

Specifications of the Wallas Diesel Heaters

22gb 30gb diesel heaters



wallas diesel heater control panel

Control Panel

The control panel is standard on both the 22GB & 30GB diesel heaters and includes for example the following functions:

Flush Mount and Surface mount options

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