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Marine Tank Sender Options and Displays

This range of marine tank senders (MSC Boat Products) can measure Fuel, Water & Waste accurately. There are a few choices with regards to installation/fittings and tank access points – click the button to see the range of options..

Electrical Connection

Connect the wires to the connector blocks using a wire gauge that fits the blocks. Multistrand 0.5-0.75mm CSA is ideal as this is a gauge of wire that can be supported and attached mechanically. (Do not use single strand wire)

Connect to a supply in the range of 12-24 volts. Insert the plug into the sender ensuring that the two retaining clips on the plug fit over the OUTSIDE of the socket.

If the marine tank sender and gauge are a long distance apart only the 0 volts and signal need to be run between the sender and the gauge leaving the +&- supply to be fed locally to the gauge and the +&- supply only to be fed locally to the sender. This unit draws approx 25 milliamperes.


Fill the tank then run approximately two or three bowls of water off using the tap. This is to ensure that no water is left in the filler pipe as this will cause a false ‘full reading’. Although the main scale of the gauge is heavily damped, causing it to only move slowly, the calibration dot is almost instantaneous in function making adjustment easier.

If the dot is showing turn the ‘Adjust full’ control slowly anti-clockwise until it goes out then slowly clockwise until it just shows. If the dot is not showing turn the ‘Adjust full’ control slowly clockwise until the dot just shows.

Please note that with the inline unit the gauge will read zero when the tap runs, but will quickly return to the correct reading when the pump stops.

waste sender and gauge
Fuel Gauge and Sender
marine tank sender gauge
Gauge is 44 mm wide and 70 mm long
marine tank sender electrical connections

Full installation instructions are supplied with all units.

Advanced Display Option - with additional features

With the sender units working on a voltage of 0-10v it is possible to feed the information from the marine tank sender unit into the Simarine tank module (ST107) which is then fed back to the Simarine Pico display giving you a very attractive display for the Fresh water, Fuel & Waste.

simarine tank gauge readings
ST107 tank module

PICO STANDARD package presents a complete battery and tank monitoring solution for boats with 1 main battery bank (up to 300A) and up to 3 aux batteries (voltage reading only) and up to 4 tanks.


For more information please click the button to see the range on our website or call us on 01663 734800 and we will go through the options with you.