C42L Ocean refrigerator (with external cooling unit)
Product Code: VFC42L
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This compact fridge was designed principally for marine use, but is widely used in the camper and luxury vehicle market due to its shallow depth.
Key Features:
  • The C42L is supplied with external compressor and cooling unit maximising available space in the fridge
  • The standard door finish is an interchangeable grey panel, with magnetic closure and locking catch
  • Temperature control is by mechanical thermostat
  • 3.6 litre ice cube box
  • Supplied with a single fiddle shelf
  • Power: 12/24v as standard, but easily upgradeable to multivoltage
  • Rated current: 2.10/1.05
  • Absorption power: 0.25 kW 24hr
  • Weight: 15.7kg
  • Can be supplied with an optional external fitting frame (Europa) or Nautic catch

Categories: Ocean Fridges