Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Baffle
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Low Sulfur and Ultra Low Sulfur diesel is now being used in many places and depending on the heater and the chimney configuration, the fuel may be burning differently than it did before.

In every case, checking the operation of the valve, checking the fuel line from the valve to the burner for debris, or clearing the holes in the burner, need to be addressed before assuming it may be the different fuel.

Please perform all troubleshooting before assuming it is a low sulfur fuel issue.

This burner baffle retains heat in the combustion chamber and will speed up the vaporization of these new types of diesel fuels.  The baffle is placed on top of the burner edge.  Use the draft assist fan more as the fan is needed more to burn off the new type of fuel.

Indications of Low or Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel In-complete Burn

  •     The flames burn below the top burner ring inside the burner pot.
  •     Turning up the fuel flow from the valve makes no change to the flames.
  •     it takes a long time for the flames to go out when the valve is shut off.
  •     Followed all troubleshooting and still having issues with getting heat.
  •     Excessive hard carbon in the bottom of the burner


The baffle is placed on top of the burners edge after lighting the burner normally so it will speed up the vaporization of the new type of fuel so the reaction to the flames are faster.  The low sulfur fuel requires a little more air, so keep the flames as vibrant as possible.  You will soon find what fan settings are best.  Do not to use too much air so the flames will fall back into the burner, and create the hard carbon.

There is no way to tell what type of fuel you may have, low sulfur and ultra low sulfur diesel is a yellow-green or a red-brown color.

Make sure to keep a close eye at the fuel accumulation at the bottom of the burner pot, if the burner isn’t reaching the high temperature this type of fuel needs to vaporize, the fuel will not burn off causing a good puddle of fuel. Once the burner does reach temperature, the abundance of fuel will start to burn causing the heater to overheat, which can cause damage to the heater.

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