Fuel dip pipe
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Installation instructions for Tank connection 30011 (accessory)

• You will need to make a ø 25 mm (1”) hole in the upper surface of the fuel tank. Choose the location of the hole so that when the boat tilts the end of the
intake pipe will stay in the fuel even if the tank is not full. If the end of the intake pipe does not reach the fuel, the device will quickly choke on the air in the fuel

• Cut the fuel intake pipe (ø 6 mm) to the appropriate length. The end of the pipe must not touch the bottom of the tank in order to keep water and sediment from
the system. It is recommended to cut the pipe short enough to leave the engine intake pipe at a lower level. This way the device cannot empty the tank.
• Install the pipe straight end fi rst and angle the two “ears” below the threaded barrel inside the hole and then align the threaded barrel vertically so the ears
are hooked on the underside of the tank top. Carefully slip the rubber washer over the bent pipe end and over the threaded barrel, followed by the metal
washer and the nut. Thread the nut to the threaded barrel and tighten, sealing the fi tting to the top surface of the tank. Silicone sealant can be added if so

• Connect the fuel hose to the heater.

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