Diesel Stove Cleaning Sachets
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Pack of 8 cleaning SACHETS for your Natural Draught Diesel Fired Stove. Ideal for the:-

  • Kabola 2D
  • Kabola 3D
  • Old English
  • Old Dutch
  • E-Series
  • Sigmar 100, 120, 170, 200, 250
  • Dickinson Newport (Diesel), Antarctic, Alaska, Bering, Pacific, Atlantic
  • Glembring Range of Diesel Heaters

New stove cleaning sachets, can be used on diesel and multifuel stoves/burners. Simply place one full sachet into the burner pot or fire box, and light as normal. Typically use one sachet for every 2 weeks of continuous use.

If the diesel burner cannot accommodate the sachet, they can be cut open (with care) and the contents poured into the burner pot. One pack contains 8 sachets.


The stove cleaning tablets are fantastic. They have transformed our stove, it burns brighter, hotter and cleaner which means less maintenance and more heat...what could be better. I wont be without them again and highly recommend them to all! Anita Bradshaw (owner of 2 Dickinson products )