KB 45 Standard Kit
Product Code: KMK45-005
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The NEW Kabola KB diesel heating system takes the Kabola products to the next level of excellence. This is a great achievement when you think the existing range of Kabola heating systems are already renowned for being the best marine and mobile boilers on the market. The new KB boilers combine the exceptionally well engineered Dutch boiler with the very latest German Blue Flame technology burner from Scheer. This combination offers, what is probably, the world’s most efficient and clean burning boiler on the marine and mobile market today. The blue flame technology has enabled Kabola to create a range of boilers that are more compact, allowing for installation in many more applications, where space is a premium. The electrical power requirement has been greatly reduced, meaning stored battery power will last longer.

KB 45 Kits include:-

· 2m x 51mm Stainless Steel exhaust tube

· 1 x 50mm Stainless Steel exhaust side outlet

· 1 x 80/50 Stainless Steel condensation trap

· 3 x Exhaust clamps

· 1 x 12 Litre expansion tank

· 1 x Fixing bracket for expansion tank

· 1 x Timer (7 Day)

· 1 x Circulation Pump

· 1 x Oil filter

· 1 x Room thermostat

· 1 x Cylinder Thermostat (with Calorifier control versions only)

Please note: All KB series boilers require commissioning to conform to warranty conditions.

The external Air Intake Kit is now an option for all the KB-Series.
This is required only if the boiler is fitted in a pressurised engine room environment.
KB20-50 - Part Number KMK51-008 - £185.40.
KB75 - Part Number KMK51-002 - £185.40.

The video below show just how cleanly it burns.

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