Convert hot water to warm air – just like your heating in a vehicle.

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Kalori Silencio 2

Kalori Silencio 2 – Water heat-exchanger for caravan, motorhome or boat, minibus or ambulance – Installed in a wall, can

Kalori ADP Ventilator

£55.35 £55.35 Excl. VAT
Kalori ADP Ventilator Bulkhead ventilator To ventilate the interior of the vehicle Dust filter included Brushless motor Airflow 200 m³/h

Alize 2 E

£107.00 £107.00 Excl. VAT
Alize 2 E – It is the smallest of the water heaters – It is ideal for mini-cars (without driving

Alize FAI

£122.48 Excl. VAT
Alize FAI heater matrix – Voltage 24V Calorific Power 3300 Kcal/h Heating Power 3,8 kW Air Flow 170 m3/h Electrical

Alize 2 ED4

£132.19 £132.19 Excl. VAT
Alize 2 ED4 – It is the smallest of the water heaters – It is ideal for mini-cars (without driving

Kosto 2

£133.02 £133.02 Excl. VAT
Kosto 2 – Water heat-exchanger for minibus, coach or bus, highly resistant casing in aluminum and polycarbonate profile – It

Compact EVO2 E

£138.92 Excl. VAT
Compact EVO2 E – Water heat-exchanger – Identical to Compact EVO1 heater but more power, with its 3-speed double ventilator,

Silencelek FAI

£186.44 Excl. VAT
Silencelek FAI – 220 V(ac) heating element and ventilator – Parking heater for an ambulance – It maintains the patient

Kalori Kool ED6

£193.69 £193.69 Excl. VAT
Kalori Kool ED6 Heating Power 10 kW Airflow 520 m³/h Electrical consumption 180 W Water Fitting 16 mm Ventilation speed

Kalori Baikal 3

£251.55 £251.55 Excl. VAT
Kalori Baikal 3 Baikal is a ventilated convector It replaces 5m of unvented convector or completes the installation where sections