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Electrode Block Red SLV Burner

£12.20 including vat
Electrode Block – Red SLV Burner

Electrode Block Blue Burner

£17.00 including vat
Electrode block Elco – Blue elco burners only

KB Nozzle

£20.93£41.14 including vat
KB Nozzle For models KB20, 40, 45, 50 & 75

Thermocouple Sensor

£20.98 including vat
Thermocouple sensor for the Kabola natural draught heaters/boilers. Old English Old Dutch 4kw & 7kW 2D 3D E-Series


£23.15£47.29 including vat
Nozzle for Kabola Pressure Jet Burners. Compact 7 HR300 HR400 HR500 B25 B35 B45 B55

Burner Ring 7

£25.58 including vat
Kabola burner ring 7″. Suitable for:- Old Dutch (VO4) Old English E3 E5 S14 2D 3D

Mica Glass for Old Dutch

£33.92 including vat
Mica Glass for Old Dutch

Soot Scraper

£38.63 including vat
Soot Scraper for Old English Stove, Old Dutch, E & S Series

Electrode set KB models

£39.89 including vat
Electrode set KB models KB20, KB40, KB45, KB50 & KB75 complete with holder, screw & washer

Thermo couple Valve

£40.19 including vat
Thermocouple valve for Old English, Old Dutch, 2D, 3D & E-Series.

Filter for Pressure Jet Boilers

£49.49 including vat
Filter for Pressure Jet Boilers – Kabola. 9 Micron. Diesel filter element (spin on type) microtec – suitable for:- Kabola

Flame Monitor – Ecoflam Burner

£50.47 including vat
Flame Monitor – Ecoflam Burner EcoFlam burner – HR300/400/500 & Compact 7