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Round grill

Round grill Options: 50mm or 80mm Reference Ø A Ø B Ø C 8300340220120 50 mm 12 mm 43 mm

Kaledonia connector

£7.81 £7.81 including vat
Kaledonia connector To connect an air duct on KA, KB, KG louvers

Square Grill

£10.72 including vat

Paddle grille

£10.72 including vat
Paddle grille Directed at 45°

KB louver with grille

£11.12 including vat
KB louver with grille 70mm Shutter Rotating Closable Air Vent

Warm air reducer

£13.31 £13.31 including vat
Warm air reducer Options: 55mm to 40mm 55mm to 45mm 60mm to 40mm

Bleed valve

£14.12 including vat
Bleed valve – for 16mm hose. An ideal compact bleed point for getting rid of any air in the Kalori

Kaledonian KG outlet grill

£14.93 including vat
Kaledonian KG outlet grill Rotating air vent for 70mm warm air tubing

Duct connector for 55mm hose

£15.00 including vat
Duct connector for 55mm warm air hose

Closable rotating air vents

£16.75 including vat
Closable rotating air vents