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Exhaust sleeve

£8.71 including vat
Exhaust sleeve to go over the 28mm flexible exhaust Sold by the metre.

Short circuit connector

Short circuit connector – High Altitude Switch This short circuit plug goes directly into the main PCB of the Wallas

5 Litre Fuel Tank

£16.20 including vat
5 Litre Fuel Tank – an option when fitting an XC Duo to a Petrol vehicle. You will also require

Heater inlet grill

£16.67 including vat
Heater Inlet grill internal use – 75mm For Wallas 22DT, 30DT40DT, 22GB, 30GB & Spartan diesel heaters. Fits directly onto

Bottom Mat

£17.69 including vat
Bottom Mat for Wallas:- 22DT, 20GB 30D, 30DT, 30GB 40D, 40DT & Spartan 95D 96D 85D 88DU 86D 3000DX M26,

External Fuel Filter for Wallas diesel heaters

£18.66 including vat
External Fuel Filter for Wallas diesel heaters Units: 30D, 800D, 40D, 87D, 40Dt, 85D, 85DP, 85NDT, 88DU, 97D, 85Dt, 85XCDUO,

Exhaust tube 28mm

£22.52 including vat
Stainless Steel Flexible Exhaust tube 28mm for Wallas:- 40DT 85DU 85DP 86D 87D 800 Sold by the metre

Bulk Head Lead through fitting

£28.16 including vat
Bulk Head Lead through fitting – for when you need to pass the ducting through a bulkhead to join 75mm

Silicone-Glass Sleeving

£28.55 including vat
Silicone-Glass Sleeving is manufactured from “E” glass fibre yarn knitted to form a sleeve and coated with high-grade iron oxide

Warm air vent 60mm

£29.93 including vat
Warm air vent 60mm It is important to plan the proper routing of the duct and the locations of the

Stainless Steel External Inlet Grill

£31.55 including vat
Stainless Steel External Inlet Grill Inlet ducting and makeup air The heater can take air for heating (makeup air) from