Side-Power 30kg Thruster
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Typical boat size 20 - 28 foot
Tunnel inside diameter 125 mm / 4,92
Propulsion system Single 4bl composite
Available for DC system 12 V
Weight 9,5 kg / 21 lbs.

Seawater resistant bronce, CNC machined in one process to ensure 100% correct tolerances, angles and measurements.
Oil filled with header tank and breathing to ensure long lifetime and no contamination of oil.
Marine grade seals with protective lip and mechanically protected by special propeller hub design.
Hardened and ground precision spiro-conical gears.
Propeller shaft with double ball bearings fitted in correct tolerances.
Driveshaft with ball bearing and special sleeve bearing in correct tolerances.
Connection between motor and driveshaft by shear-pin, changable from inside the boat.
Symmetrical 4 bladed composite kaplan propeller.
Zinc anode protection directly on gearleg, easy to access and change.

Performance and specifications at one tunnel diameter depth * : at 10,5V at 12,0V
Thrust 30 kg / 66 lbs. 38 kg / 88 lbs.
Output power 1,6 kW / 2,1 Hp 2,0 kW / 2,7 Hp
Average current draw 180 A 250 A
Continous run time (20*C) 3 min. 2 min 40 sec
Approx. long term run time 12% of time 10% of time
Min. battery CCA rating 200 by DIN / 370 by BCI/SAE
Side-Power fuse size: ANL150

Safety features on thruster (see seperate sheet for control panels):
- Forced shut-down by overheat sensor in motor
- All internal leads with extra insulation of webbed silicon increase resistance
to heat and mechanical wear. Connectors have positive locking so that you have to pull by the insulator to release, can not be pulled off by the wires or loosen by themselves. Self extinguishing solenoid cover.
- IPC Standard electronic control box for protection against:
- direct drive direction change
- unique, patented protection of solenoid from extra wear and damages in low voltage situations for example caused by drained or damaged batteries as well as auto-stop without the need for the skipper to shut down the main switch immidiately to stop the thruster in case of a solenoid lock-in **
- auto-stop if control signal is continous for more than 3 minutes to
protect against potential short circuit in control cables.

Thrust at 10,5/21V* (kg)
Thrust at 12/24V* (kg)
Typical boat size (ft • m)
20’ - 28’ • 6 - 8.5
Tunnel I.D. (mm)
Power at 10,5/21V* (kW • Hp)
1.5 • 2
For DC system (V)
Weight (kg)
Min. Batt. Capacity (CCA**12/24V)
Control system