Sigmar 250 Cook Stove
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Sigmar 250 Diesel cabin heater/Cookstove:

The Sig 250 diesel cook stove mid-size dual-purpose stove for cooking and room heating, ideal for boats up to approximately 55ft in length. The 250 has a stainless steel finish and rugged hot-plate surface with a front mounted accessible oil regulator. The oven door has a mica glass window. This unit should be installed as centrally as possible in the space to be heated for the best effect. Space heating is achieved by convection and radiation. 4" flue accessories are required and an optional heat exchanger (back boiler) is available for heating hot water in a calorifier. Includes pot holders.


  • Fuel consumption: 24hrs Low 5 Litres High 10 Litres approx.
  • Output: 1.9-6 KW
  • Assist Fan : 12V or 24V
  • Size: Width 66.04cm Depth 51.11cm Height 57.47cm
  • Oven Size: Width 38cm Depth 33cm Height 28cm
  • Other Options: Heat exchanger (for heating hot water)