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Operating voltage     6 – 35 V
Power consumption at 12V     
Operating, wifi on, 100% illumination     90 mA
Operating, wifi off, 70% illumination     35 mA
Stand by, wifi off, 0% illumination     18 mA
Power off, logger still active     5 mA
Max number of modules connected     1

(SC302T only)
Monitoring capabilities

(PICOone Display unit only)
Monitoring voltage     12 V, 24 V
Battery voltage     1
Monitoring capabilities

(with SC300 shunt)
Monitoring voltage     12 V, 24 V
Battery banks

with Real-Time Battery Health™     1
Max current     300A continuous 400A peak (<1min)
Battery voltage     1
Monitoring capabilities
(with ST107 tank and voltage module)
Resistance tank and temperature sensors:     4
Battery voltage or voltage type tank sensor     3

1x PICO display unit
1x SC301 shunt
1x ST107 tank and voltage module

PICO STANDARD package presents a complete battery and tank monitoring solution for yachts and caravans with one service battery bank up to 300A on 12V and 24V, up to four engine/backup battery banks and up to 4 tanks for just 399 EUR!

PICO STANDARD package total monitoring options:
1x        Battery bank with Real-Time Battery Health™
(monitoring current, voltage and temperature)
4x        Battery voltage only
4x        Tank levels or temperatures

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