Timer for HR Series
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Product Features

  • Quartz accuracy
  • Up to 8 on and 8 off operations
  • Daily, 7 day week, 5 day week and weekend modes
  • Panel mounting
  • 500 hour lithium battery reserve
  • Spade terminals - 6.3mm
The TM823 digital timeswitch offers quartz accuracy and flexibility making it suitable for a large range of industrial control applications. The timeswitch can be powered from a large choice of AC or DC auxiliary power options, has a voltage free changeover relay contact and is panel mounted. An optional 96mm x 83mm mounting bezel is also available. In the event of a mains shut down or power failure the TM823 will maintain programme memory and continue to operate, accurate to the second, due to a 500 hour battery power reserve. The TM823 is very simple to programme through a step-by-step push button sequence and flexible programming enables individual day or weekend programs. The timeswitch has a permanent override function and an LED to indicate relay status.
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