2400 Paraffin Heater
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Wallas 2400 t boat heater

The silent and powerfull  2400 t is an ideal heater for bigger motor and sailing boats. With an an own paraffin tank, it's easy to use in boats which do not have diesel onboard. 

Fuel consumption is so small that with a 5 l or 10 l tank, you'll heat your boat for several days.

Thanks to the laminar burn process the sound level is very low. Furthermore there is no combustion noise, so the boat next to yours can also enjoy the silence.

Because of clean fuel and reliable construction, the service interval is exceptional long - 5 years!

  • Fuel:     Paraffin / Kerosene (North America)
  • Power:     950/2300W
  • Operating voltage:     12V
  • Fuel consumption:     0,1- 0,24 l/h
  • Electricity consumption:     0,5 / 1,3A
  • Special features:     Fresh air vent
  • Accessories:     Extra blower (ArtNo 3415)

Control panel

The new control panel is standard on t-models and includes for example following functions:

  • thermostat adjustment
  • manual adjusting
  • air boost function
  • protection of accidental start and stop
  • LED background lights

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