800t Paraffin Hob with Blower Lid Kit
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Wallas 800 t boat stove with 220 Blower Lid Kit

The kit consists of:-

  • 1 x 800 paraffin hob with control
  • 1 x 220 blower lid
  • 1 x 3715 kit (1.5m exhaust tube(KMW1028), 1.5m exhaust sleeve(KMW1030), 1 x side hull fitting(KMW1066), 1 x 5litre fuel tank(KMW2024))

The Wallas 800 t is a rigid and compact stove with one hot plate . It is ideal to narrow and tight places.

  • Fuel:     Paraffin oil
  • Power:     650-1200W
  • Voltage:     12V
  • Fuel consumption:     0,07-0,13 l/h
  • Electricity consumption:     0,15A
  • Accessories:     Heat blower lid 220 (+0,4A)
  • Pot holders (ArtNo 1011/1)

Control panel

The new control panel is standard on t-models and includes for example following functions:

  • smooth PI-controlled thermostat adjustment when the heat blower lid is used
  • manual adjusting  
  • protection of accidental start and stop

Note: This item is not intended for inland waterways use.

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