Warm air vent 60mm
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Warm air vent 60mm

It is important to plan the proper routing of the duct and the locations of the air registers. It is good to locate the heater as near as possible to the area being heated. Avoid the use of sharp bends in the ducting and keep overall bends to a minimum.

Cut a ø 67 mm hole in the bulkhead or wall. Screw the body of the register to the bulkhead with 3 screws. Connect the warm air duct to the register and reinstall
the grill cover.

Heated air is distributed through the boat with 3410 ø 75mm duct. Multiple outlets can be installed by adding 3413 ø 75mm “Y” fi ttings leading to various locations.
All duct to “Y” and duct to register connections should be clamped. The 3411 air registers are adjustable for direction and fl ow and located at each
duct termination point. It is important that suffi cient fl ow is allowed by the installed registers to maintain (limit) the heater temperature. To ensure this for some applications, the adjustment flap of the register in the bigger heated space, will be removed. Too much resistance in the ductwork (too many fl aps closed) and the
heater may overheat and shut down.
If the heater will be used mainly with thermostat control, the control panel should be located in the largest heated area.

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