The Kabola HR series consists of reliable oil-fired boilers that provide 10, 14, and 20kW. The boilers are supplied as standard as a 230V AC.

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Kabola Thermostat with GSM Control

£311.07 Excl. VAT
  • 9 weekly programs
  • Programming “per day” or Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun or Mon-Sun
  • Connection option for an external sensor
  • Selection heating / cooling mode
  • Rapid change in the required temperature
  • Manual mode (MANU)
  • Correction current temperature
  • Frost protection (3 ° C)

Kabola HR400

Kabola HR400 Capacity from 14 kW 60-degree water / 5 gallons per minute Very efficient Durable quality Silent boiler Energy

Kabola HR500 240V

Kabola HR500 240V Capacity 20 kW 60-degree water / 5 gallons per minute very efficient durable quality silent boiler energy