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copper pipe 1/8

£5.76 including vat
1/8″ copper pipe sold by the metre

6mm to 1/8 fuel fitting

£11.29 including vat
6mm to 1/8 fuel fitting – used to connect onto the Wallas dip tube (30011) to the 1/8” copper fuel

5 Litre Fuel Tank

£15.38 including vat
5 Litre Fuel Tank – an option when fitting an XC Duo to a Petrol vehicle. You will also require

Isolation valve

£15.44 including vat
Isolation valve Mini Isolation ball valve for Wallas heaters – 1/8” fittings supplied – for use on Inland Waterways installations.

Wallas fuel pump connector 1/8

£16.12 including vat
Wallas fuel pump connector 1/8″. This connector will take you from your 1/8″ copper fuel pipe to the fitting on

Wallas Fuel filter set, standard

£31.31 including vat
Wallas Fuel filter set, standard. Units: 22Dt, 22GB 30Dt, 30D, 30Dt, 30GB 40D, 40Dt, Spartan TwinAir, 85Dt, 85NDT, 86D, 88DU,

10ltr Fuel tank

£41.83 including vat
10ltr Fuel tank for offshore use only. You will also need a fuel connection kit – KMW367215 The low 10-litre

Fuel tank connection kit for 5 or 10 litre tank

£47.80 including vat
Fuel tank connection kit for 5 or 10 litre tank (diesel). A handy option if you have a petrol vehicle/Boat

Solenoid valve

£55.20 including vat
12v solenoid valve with 1/8″ fittings (no cables included).

Inline Solid Filter

£59.60 including vat
Inline Solid Filter Inline Solid Filter for Wallas diesel heaters, hobs & ovens (to comply with the Inland Waterways).

Fuel dip pipe

£75.66 including vat
Fuel dip pipe Installation instructions for Tank connection 30011 (accessory) • You will need to make a ø 25 mm

Solenoid Valve

£172.26 including vat
Solenoid Valve When the tank´s fuel level is higher than Wallas the magnetic valve needs to be installed into the