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AGM Deepcycle Battery

AGM Deepcycle Battery The AGM Deepcycle Battery range has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current

AGM Super Cycle battery

AGM Super Cycle battery A truly innovative battery The AGM Super Cycle batteries are the result of recent battery electrochemistry

Victron Battery Balancer

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Victron Battery Balancer The Battery Balancer equalizes the state of charge of two series-connected 12V batteries, or of several parallel

Victron Gel Battery

Victron Gel Battery The GEL model range offers the best deep cycle durability and overall longer life. The use of

Lithium SuperPack

Lithium SuperPack Integrated BMS and safety switch The SuperPack batteries are extremely easy to install, needing no additional components. The

106ah – 160ah Lead Carbon Battery

Lead Carbon Battery Better partial state-of-charge performance, more cycles, and higher efficiency Replacing the active material of the negative plate

Victron Peak Power Pack 8Ah – 40Ah

Victron Peak Power Pack The Peak Power Pack is a complete substitute for heavy lead-acid batteries in applications where high

Lithium battery 12,8V & 25,6V Smart

Lithium battery 12,8V & 25,6V Smart • With integrated cell balancing • Can be parallel and series connected • Bluetooth