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Dual front mounting panel

£1.80 including vat
Dual front mounting panel to house the KMVA315 USB socket and KMVA316 DC voltmeter. size approx 105mm long x 43mm

75mm Glass Fibre Woven Tape

£2.40 including vat
75mm GLASS FIBRE WOVEN INSULATION TAPE GLASS FIBRE WOVEN TAPE – sold by the metre Suitable for exhaust systems Fireproof.

copper fuel pipe 8mm

£4.80 including vat
Copper fuel pipe 8mm for diesel fuel heaters. Price is per metre.

Fram fuel filter element

£6.00 including vat
Fram fuel filter element Complete with “O” rings and seals

Fuel filter element for W4-STM

£8.64 including vat
Fuel filter element for W4-STM  

Digital voltmeter with bezel

£8.74 including vat
Digital voltmeter supplied with optional bezel (60mm wide x 43mm high).

Bottle Air Vent

£8.82 including vat
Bottle air vents with a check valve which allows removal of the vent for cleaning without draining down the system.

Diesel Stove Cleaning Sachets

£9.54 including vat
Diesel Stove Cleaning Sachets Pack of 8 cleaning SACHETS for your Natural Draught Diesel Fired Stove. Ideal for the:- Kabola

Mounting Bracket for expansion tank vessel

£9.59 including vat
Mounting Bracket for Expansion tank vessel This suits our 8, 12,18 & 24-litre tanks  

Dual port 5v USB socket

£9.98 including vat
Dual port 5v USB socket with cover and LED indicator. Input voltage 12/24v Port 1 = 1A Port 2 =

Fuel Filter element

£15.00 including vat
Fuel Filter for W30STM/D. 15micron paper element

W-4STM Fuel filter complete

£16.20 including vat
The WASP W-4STM Fuel Filters offer a new cost-effective range of primary filtration equipment for marine, heating, industrial and transport